Pet Adoption

 Adopt: Zerkle
Age: 6 years old
Zerkle was sadly left behind by his owner. The owner came into unfortunate circumstances and was arrested. Thankfully Zerkle was brought to pound buddies so he could be fed, taken care of, and help find him a forever home. He was emaciated, but otherwise in fair health. He is as happy as they come. LOVES everyone. Just wants a forever home and someone to love. 
Adopt: Jason
Age: Unknown
Jason is a young energetic cat. He loves to play! You can win his heart over with a laser light. He loves playing with kids, however because he is so rambunctious, he might be better with older kids (7 and up). Jason would be best suited to be an only cat however with patience & love he can learn to get along with other pets. There are two things that Jason hates: getting his nails trimmed and cat carriers. If you give Jason a chance, he will bring energy into your life; he is never boring. He will also pick you to be his best friend and be forever loyal. 


Adopt Mario
Age: 1.5 years old 
Mario was found extremely sick on a back porch.  He was so sick he could barely move.  Heaven Can Wait volunteers nursed him back to health but sadly Mario has been in foster since he was a kitten. Mario is a big boy and a big shy.
 Mario is available through

 Adopt Tandi 
Age: 2
Tandi is a little shy with new people but absolutely loves other dogs! She is crate trained and house trained. Tandi will make an excellent walking or running partner as she is leash trained as well. 
Tandi is available through Pound Buddies!


 Adopt Teigen 
Age: 6 months - 1 year old
Teigen is full of energy and loves people.
He is still young so Teigen will need some training to understand basic matters. He is eager to learn, great with other dogs, very snugly and affectionate with people. Teigen is available through Pound Buddies!
Adopt Walter
Age: 6 months
Walter is a very verbal kitten that loves attention. He is a Polydactyl kitten who loves to play. He loves to snuggle and be on your lap. Walter is available through 



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