Many first time Subaru owners have made the switch from bigger SUV's or Trucks to Subaru's because they have better fuel economy and are just simply more comfortable to drive but still have off road capability.  Subaru has built its brand around their symmetrical All Wheel Drive system which performs very well in most conditions. Subarus are perfectly suited for snow, gravel, mud or sand but when trails get deeper and the rocks get taller Subaru's just don't have the clearance needed to make it through that washout or water crossing.  We don't want you to have to cut your adventure short or feel like you're going to do damage to your vehicle. So by popular demand we've worked continuously to develop products to lift your car without degrading the on road performance.
Our team at Subaru of Muskegon is constantly innovating to create the COOLEST & BADDEST custom Subaru's in the World! Choose from one of our already accessorized custom Subaru's, or contact one of our Customization Managers at 231-799-7100 and let us create the exact Subaru you want! We can provide bumper to bumper customization for Subaru from headlight accents to bumper mounted LED Lights, stainless steel grilles, performance chips, lift kits, rims with Off Road tires, Custom Paint, Airlift Airbags and much more.  
  We have done the work and done the research to make your customization process seamless. Don't let someone else attempt to duplicate what we have already perfected! 

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