The 2021 Subaru Love Promise Community Commitment Award

The 2021 Subaru Love Promise Community Commitment Award

We've been nationally recognized for our dedication to our community and the Subaru Love Promise.

We're honored to receive the 2021 Subaru Love Promise Community Commitment Award. This award nationally recognizes Subaru retailers who are making the world a better place while demonstrating an outstanding commitment to supporting passions and causes in local communities. These efforts are focused in important areas such as the environment, community, health, education, and pets.


What is the Subaru Love Promise?

Subaru and our retailers believe in making the world a better place and the Subaru Love Promise is our vision of respecting all people. This is our commitment to show love and respect to our customers and to work to make a positive impact in the world.

How is Subaru of Muskegon dedicated locally to the Love Promise?

Our Love Promise can be seen in various partnerships with local charities and non-profits. We're grateful for the opportunity, not only to be a part of our community, but to serve it as well.

Heaven Can Wait Animal Haven, Pound Buddies of Muskegon, Harbor Humane Society


Battle of the Books, Sponsor a Senior 2020

Child Abuse Council of Muskegon, Salvation Army, Angel Tree, Share The Warmth Coat Drive, Muskegon County Department of Veterans Affairs, Every Woman´s Place, Parties in the Park, Momentum Center, Muskegon Rescue Mission, Ottawa County Micro-pantry

Leukemia & Lymphoma Society, Brainy Day Trail Run, Mercy Health Johnson Family Cancer Center, Multi-Sport Marathons, Ottawa County Torch Run, We Fight for Bubba 5K

Did Subaru of Muskegon go above and beyond, provide exceptional service, or support causes that are important to you? We'd love to hear about it.

Love Promise Stories from Subaru of Muskegon

Subaru and Subaru of Muskegon believe in making a positive impact on the communities in which we live and work. We uphold that belief through our Love Promise Community Commitment. Every month, we select inspiring stories from customers and partners from around our area who strive to support our collective commitment and feature them here

Subaru of Muskegon helps Great Lakes Water Safety - Maria S

This past June, My Subaru of Muskegon had the honor of sponsoring The Great Lakes Paddle Challenge. This paddle board race on Lake Michigan benefitted the Great Lakes Surf Rescue Project, Inc. The GLSRP is a nonprofit corporation that is all about saving lives. The GLSRP tracks the Great Lakes drowning statistics. Sadly there have been more than 826 drownings since 2010 and 34 alone in 2021. This organization has performed over 850 “Great Lakes Water Safety” presentations and trainings since 2011. They also work with family and friends of Great Lakes drowning victims to advocate water safety, and host open water Surf Lifeguard Training and First Responder In-service Training. The GLSRP mission is to eradicate drownings by being the leader of Great Lakes water safety by providing training, public preparedness, and public awareness. The GLSRP hopes that everyone in the Great Lakes region, nationwide and worldwide, is knowledgeable, engaged and proactive in water safety with an emphasis on the Great Lakes region.

Subaru of Muskegon helps Great Lakes Water Safety

My Subaru of Muskegon Sends Messages of Hope - Maria S

"Cancer is big but just don't let it be bigger than you," wrote My Subaru of Muskegon Subaru Sales Manager Bill Ferry. That was just one of many "Messages of Hope" that will be sent along with a blanket directly to those battling cancer. In the past, blankets as well as art kits for patients were delivered directly to My Subaru of Muskegon and then dropped of to the Johnson Cancer Center; however, the pandemic has changed how the dealership approaches its community initiatives. Subaru of America (SOA) will mail the blankets directly to the patients’ homes on behalf of My Subaru of Muskegon. My Subaru of Muskegon took the time to fill out and decorate the cards sent in by SOA. "We are so honored to be able to be part of Subaru Loves to Care and send in messages of hope to those battling cancer," said Business and Marketing Manager, Bryan Holzgen. "We would love to be able to deliver the blankets directly, but given the times we now find ourselves, we understand the need for distance. We hope and pray that these messages and blankets let those battling cancer know that My Subaru of Muskegon and The My Auto Group are with them, and thinking of them during this difficult stage in their lives." My Subaru of Muskegon staff and customers were excited to send messages of hope. It's something very small that can mean so much!

My Subaru of Muskegon Sends Messages of Hope

Veterans Food Bank - Michael B

Our County Department of Veterans Affairs operates a Food Bank for Veterans, Widows of Veterans, and Active Duty Members who are struggling to put food on the table. This is not a millage funded program; however, it is funded through monetary donations and product donations. We have upwards of 300 Veterans, Widows, and Active Duty Members coming to us for a variety of assistance and services each month. My Auto Group & Subaru of Muskegon once again hosted a Veterans' Food Bank Food Drive, as they usually do annually. Maria Secord, the Amazing Community Relations Director for The My Auto Group & Subaru in Muskegon arrived at our doorstep on May 28 with a 2021 Subaru Outback completely filled with donated food and toiletries for our Veterans Food Bank. On behalf of the hundreds of Veterans, Widows, and Active Duty Members who will benefit from generosity of The My Auto Group & Subaru of Muskegon and their customers, I humbly Thank YOU!

County of Muskegon Department of Veterans Affairs
Veterans Food Bank

Subaru of Muskegon Moves First Dog to New Shelter - Maria S

Friday, May 14th 2021, marked a great day for both Muskegon and abused and neglected animals along the Lakeshore. Pound Buddies officially started moving dogs into the new shelter located at 3279 E. Laketon Avenue. Because of their partnership, Pound Buddies invited My Subaru of Muskegon to transport the first dog to the new shelter. Subaru pet swag consisting of Subaru leashes, collars, bandanas, and pet waste receptacles arrived from Subaru of America upon being notified of the My Subaru of Muskegon's participation in this event. Several dogs were decked out in blue Subaru bandanas. There was a small parade down Laketon Avenue featuring the Outback, The Buddy Bus, and the dog-wrapped van. "We were so honored to be asked to assist with this event," stated General Manager, Mike Kaffenberger. "We love to partner with Pound Buddies and believe in what they are doing for abused and neglected animals in and around Muskegon." The old shelter has been falling apart for some time and the new shelter has been in the works for a while. The pandemic hurt the fundraising efforts for the new shelter combined with building material issues delayed the opening. The first dog to be moved in a fully-loaded 2021 Subaru Outback was a beautiful female named Ariel. Ariel is ready for her new home, is about 4 years old, well behaved, and loves car rides. My Subaru of Muskegon team members then transported a pup named Bourbon. Bourbon loved the ride in the front seat over to the new shelter as well. Bourbon is 3-4 years old and is up for adoption. My Subaru has hosted several pet food drives for Pound Buddies and sponsored the organization for their Subaru Loves Pets initiative that happens every October. "We find ourselves in a unique position to be able to assist so many great organizations," said Kaffenberger. "This was such a great day for both My Subaru of Muskegon, Pound Buddies, and our community as whole."

Subaru of Muskegon Moves First Dog to New Shelter

Share The Love Check Reveal - Kim D

Every Woman’s Place is here to help heal. We are here for the over 1,000 survivors of domestic or sexual violence in our community who survive violence, abuse, or assault to reach our doors for services. The burden of violence does not affect all members of society equally; women, children, seniors, persons with disabilities, BIPOC, and LGBTQ+ individuals all face higher rates of all types of violence, including domestic violence and sexual violence. We provide safe shelter when needed, offer counseling, legal advocacy and victim advocacy to support those survivors. Victim advocacy picks up where crisis response leaves off, and provides stabilization and long-term change following trauma. Through the last two years of the pandemic, our organization has been hit double: by the loss of revenue through cancelled events *and* the additional need for services for those for whom the pandemic has been an escalating factor in the abuse they face. It’s especially significant that this Subaru Share The Love gift to EWP came in April, national Sexual Assault Awareness Month--a month in which EWP hosts an annual fundraiser as well as a number of important awareness and education activities that help our community understand the repercussions of violence on those who experience it and on the community itself. EWP aligns its services to remove the barriers that survivors face in changing the trajectory of their lives following violence or abuse. We bring passion, empathy, professional knowledge and are guides to healing for the survivors we serve. We believe survivors, and we work to help them know that what happened to them is not their fault; that they are courageous; and that they are resilient, valued members of our community. Subaru Share the Love is a part of that message of hope.

Every Woman's Place
Share The Love Check Reveal

Changes Lives - Kyleen G

The Child Abuse Council provided personal safety prevention education to over 20,000 students throughout Muskegon County. Students as young as three years old in Head Start, all the way up through high school are given the tools needed to protect themselves from abuse as well as what to do if it has already happened. Children are taught that they have the right to say, “No” to anyone who tries to do anything to them or get them to do anything that makes them feel unsafe or uncomfortable. They also learn that they need to tell a trusted adult in order to get the help they need. As a result, it is not uncommon for children to come forward after a presentation and disclose to a trusted adult that something happened to them. This happens every year in many schools throughout Muskegon County. Students are learning how to use their voice to get the help they need. When a child sexual abuse victim could receive the help they need, they could become a healthy adult. Last year, after a Stewards of Children child sexual abuse prevention training, a young women came up to Deb Anderson (Prevention Director) and asked if she was still in all the schools teaching kids how to stay safe from abuse. When Deb told her she was still at it, the young women asked if she could give Deb a hug. She then said she just wanted to thank her. She said she truly felt that the programs she heard in elementary school saved her life. She disclosed that she had been physically and sexually abused as a child. She told Deb that, after one of those presentations, she decided to come forward and tell her teacher what was happening to her. She said it wasn’t easy for her to tell, but the help she received afterward was immeasurable. She said she went from a helpless, hopeless child victim to become a positive and productive adult. This story is just one of many that Deb and others in the child protection field hear repeatedly. The Child Abuse Council will continue to work to provide this life saving education to children and adults in Muskegon County because of stories such as this one.

Changes Lives

Subaru of Muskegon Collects Over 150lbs of Trash - Maria S

On May 2nd, Subaru of Muskegon teamed up with a group from Muskegon County Litter Clean-up and were able to collect 154 pounds of trash from around the Lakeshore Mall. The clean-up was organized by Subaru of Muskegon's Community Relations Director, Maria Secord. Several food wrappers, plastic drink containers, styrofoam food containers, plastic bags, and straws littered the area as well some other interesting litter like an old battery and several large boxes. All the debris was clearly visible driving past this area. The property is full of gullies and ponds that are home to numerous geese, ducks and other wildlife. The clean-up team also included Subaru Ambassador Bear Yovino and his two sons, Kai and Koda who came out with amazing burlap sacks provided by Subaru of America. The event also included several other youth volunteers who were eager to assist with the clean up. The environmental event held in honor of Subaru Loves The Earth was originally scheduled for April 25th but had to be rescheduled because of weather. "We were very excited to host the event and hopefully put a dent into the trash that is tossed out in this area," stated Secord. "We see so many geese, ducks and their offspring this time of year and we hope they aren't swimming around in the trash. Subaru of Muskegon and the Muskegon County Litter Clean-up crew as well as our Subaru Ambassador, Bear, wanted to come out and do as much as we could to get this area as clean as possible." The group worked vigorously cleaning for several hours on a beautiful but extremely windy day. "It's our responsibility to take care of our environment," said Secord. "This lovely area is right in Subaru of Muskegon's backyard and we need to be mindful of our impact on the environment."

Subaru of Muskegon Collects Over 150lbs of Trash

MIRM Books for Mr. Kraai's 2nd Graders - Kristopher K

I received a gift of $500.00 from My Subaru of Muskegon to purchase books for my second graders at Shoreline Elementary School, part of Whitehall District Schools, in Whitehall, Michigan. Second graders cheered when I told them about the award. I am enthusiastic about reading and I read to my students daily, not because my education classes told me to do this, but because my parents read to me daily, and I learned the joy of reading, which I want to develop in young people. The new books mean that I will be able to introduce new books to second graders, will be able to engage in exciting read alouds, will be able to share new books for students to read in class, and will be able to allow students to take books home for students, parents, and grandparents to read together. The new books will help me to foster a passion for reading in second graders. The gift of books is significant for second graders. Kids naturally get excited to read new books. Reading builds vocabulary, helps kids learn how language works, and is the skill that truly makes all learning possible. Second graders will be able to take new books home to read with parents and grandparents too! This builds relationships and kids find it easier to talk about their own stresses and feelings when they see how characters respond in books and stories. New books will help kindle a passion for reading and will help our kids become passionate readers and lifelong learners. Thanks for caring about kids, parents, teachers, and communities. Here for Kids, Kristopher Kraai Second Grade Teacher Shoreline Elementary

MIRM Books for Mr. Kraai's 2nd Graders

MIRM Books for a Favorite Teacher Program- Kathy B - Kathy B

Thank you, THANK you, THANK YOU, Subaru of Muskegon, Michigan for participating in the March Is Reading Month 2021 Books for a Favorite Teacher Program. I had goosebumps galore when I learned that I was chosen as one of the recipients of the generous $500 classroom book reward…WOW! What a special treat to be able to select so many new fiction and nonfiction book titles for our classroom library. There is nothing like a new book to foster the love of reading! The ordering and shipping went quickly and smoothly and the books are already in the hands of my 3rd Graders! My students are absolutely thrilled to dive into the new books! Priceless smiles for miles! Your investment will positively impact readers for years to come in Team Britton. I greatly appreciate your involvement in our local community--YOU are truly difference-makers! With much gratitude--Kathy Britton 3rd Grade Teacher at Holmes Elementary, Spring Lake Public Schools

MIRM Books for a Favorite Teacher Program- Kathy B

Kicking the Can to Fight Hunger in Muskegon - Maria S

The pandemic has left so many struggling for basic necessities and non-profit struggling to support the community. Subaru of Muskegon decided to participate in an event called "Kick the Can." Numerous local businesses teamed up to help raise funds. The "Kick the Can" event benefited The Women's Division Chamber of Commerce that helps fund 39 local food pantries. The WDCC mission is to support local organizations and non-profits. All WDCC members are volunteers, and many serve on multiple boards, committees, and projects. Subaru of Muskegon employees teamed up and raised funds to donate to this worthy cause. The Subaru of Muskegon team not only met their goal but surpassed it. Together, WE CAN make a difference.

Kicking the Can to Fight Hunger in Muskegon

Subaru of Muskegon "Unleashing the Possibilities" - Jan J

This past year may have come with many challenges, but at Pound Buddies, we remain extremely grateful for the blessings that found their way to us in 2020. We were able to provide shelter and care for 1,073 dogs in need, reuniting 482 lost dogs with their owners, adopting 452 dogs into new, loving homes, and transferring 110 dogs to other area rescue groups. In addition, we continue to network with feline welfare organizations to ensure shelter cats receive the care they need and deserve. At Pound Buddies we realize we could not achieve these remarkable milestones without the generosity of many individuals, and the compassionate initiatives like the Subaru Love Promise, locally led by the Subaru of Muskegon team members. And when this team leads an event...others enthusiastically follow! Dogs find new forever homes, shelter animals are food secure, and shelter financial resources are realized. We simply cannot thank you enough... In addition to extending our gratitude for your strong continued support, I am also writing to inform you that Pound Buddies is pleased to have this opportunity to reserve several designated areas at our new shelter location, recognizing the commitment Subaru of Muskegon and the My Auto Import Center have made to shelter animals in Muskegon County. Upon completion of our new facility, in the spring of 2021, Pound Buddies will proudly install plaques in all the shelter nutritional hubs reading: Pound Buddies extends sincere appreciation to Subaru of Muskegon and My Auto Import Center for their remarkable support of shelter animals in Muskegon County. We realize Subaru of Muskegon and My Auto import Center have many choices when considering their charitable giving, and Pound Buddies is honored to be the recipient of this generosity. We value our ongoing relationship with My Auto Import Center and we hold the team members and management of this community-focused dealership in extremely high regard for their dedication to upholding the Subaru Loves Promise and embracing that promise through their steadfast support of Pound Buddies. Kind regards, Jan Jacobs, Campaign Director 1300 E. Keating Avenue Muskegon, MI 49442 (231) 724-6500 Unleashing the Possibilities

Pound Buddies
Subaru of Muskegon "Unleashing the Possibilities"

Random Act of Kindness to Boys & Girls Club - Deborah S

Each year on February 17th the US celebrates Random Acts of Kindness Day! In 2021 My Subaru of Muskegon and The My Auto Group donated $1,000 to Boys & Girls Club of the Muskegon Lakeshore on Random Acts of Kindness Day! BGCML was extremely excited and grateful for the continued support from The My Auto Group Team. These funds are helping to serve youth around Muskegon County each day while schools are out. Thanks to The My Auto Group and My Subaru of Muskegon!

Boys & Girls Club of the Muskegon Lakeshore
Random Act of Kindness to Boys & Girls Club

Subaru of Muskegon Steps Up for Local Rescues - Maria S

2020 brought to us several challenges, many of which we’ve never faced before. Charitable organizations are facing increased need and unfortunately decreasing support. We are extremely thankful for our blessings and one of our blessings come in the support of Subaru of Muskegon. Their commitment and dedication to their community is a beacon for all businesses and individuals. Without their support, Pound Buddies and Heaven Can Wait would not be able to provide necessities and food to thousands of Michigan strays and shelter animals, their support saved innocent lives. Pound Buddies is a no-kill animal shelter based in Muskegon, Michigan. Our goal is to “put people and pets together”, with the support of volunteers and donations we’ve been able to save over 10,000 pets since our beginning. Heaven Can Wait is a cat and kitten rescue helping West Michigan communities with stray, sick, and homeless cats and kittens. A foster-based organization where volunteers care for the cats and kittens in our own homes. Foster families take care of their needs - physically, medically, and socially. It can’t be understated how impactful Subaru of Muskegon is in their support, in additional to their volunteer efforts, earlier this year they held a pet food drive, but this just wasn’t your normal collection of a few bags of food and kitty litter. Subaru of Muskegon donated over 100 bags of food, other necessities and $5,000. General Manager, Mike Kaffenberger said it perfect when he said, “we have a responsibility to help our community and we take that responsibility seriously”. Even more remarkable is that this was Subaru of Muskegon’s 5th drive in last 24 months! They walk the walk at Subaru of Muskegon and they are so much more to this community than just a car dealer.

Subaru of Muskegon Steps Up for Local Rescues

Heaven Can Wait Rescue Food Pantry Restocked - Michele M

THANK YOU SUBARU OF MUSKEGON! The Heaven Can Wait supply pantry is now stocked full of food and litter! Subaru Muskegon sponsored a December Pet Food Drive and the donations were generously matched & surpassed by Subaru of Muskegon. An awesome Yeti cooler was even given away in a contest for donors. HCW is a grateful recipient of the feline donations. Subaru of Muskegon's staff went above and beyond by lending their hands (and backs) to help move all of the supplies into the vehicles of our volunteers. Heaven Can Wait Animal Haven is a foster-based rescue helping abandoned and unwanted cats and kittens. Donations are what allow HCW to continue our mission. Having a full pantry enables us to use our funds on the veterinary expenses incurred preparing the injured, abandoned and innocent cats and kittens in our care for their FURRever homes. It made for PURRfect start of the New Year!

Heaven Can Wait Animal Haven
Heaven Can Wait Rescue Food Pantry Restocked

Love for Reading - Shelly G

This school year has been definitely an unconventional, but rewarding one. When we were given the opportunity to participate in the battle of the books, I was hesitant to add one more thing in the lives of my class. They have been through so much already. I spoke with my 5th graders about doing this contest and they were ALL IN! I couldn't have been more excited. These kids were going to try their best to try and win this. In my mind, no matter if we won or didn't, the love these kiddos have for reading was evident in their drive to do this contest. When the contest was starting in November, school was closing and going virtual. I knew that kids have so many other things to do at home then read. WOW did these kids surprise me!! When I tallied their hours of reading in January I was blown away. This class of only 13 kids read over 260 HOURS of reading!!!!! HOLY COW!!! They did this without coming to school everyday like normal. They did this without me reminding them to every single day, They did this with their own drive and LOVE of reading!!! AMAZING!!!! When we found out that we WON, I told the kids IN PERSON!!!! I couldn't be prouder!!! So, I told them that they did this, so they will shop for our books for our classroom library. For two days, they had so much fun shopping and finding deals on scholastic. It was so fun to see their eyes and hearts light up with joy at adding books they would want to read to our shelves. They also picked out a book of their choosing to keep. As the books started to arrive at school, the kids couldn't wait for me to open the boxes to see what was inside. My teachers heart was full!!! Thank you Subaru of Muskegon!!!!!! We are so grateful!! Shelly Green 5th grade teacher Holton Elementary School

Love for Reading

Love For Reading and Learning Thanks to Subaru - Amie V

This school year has been a whirlwind so far! Teaching and learning during a pandemic has brought about many new challenges. One thing has proven true: students and teachers all around are showing great resilience and perseverance. The opportunity to be involved in the “Battle of the Books” was truly a blessing. While at first we were hesitant to take on another activity during such a challenging school year, my team teacher and I are SO glad that we did! As we organized and began the book challenge with our second grade students, it was exhilarating to take in the excitement and effort that the students were putting forth. In the midst of a year of so many changes and differences, the LOVE for READING and LEARNING was steadfast. During the Battle of the Books, as teachers, we were reminded so genuinely of this excitement for learning. It was so uplifting to see! Whether we came in first or last in the challenge, simply didn’t matter. Our students were already winners because they were EXCITED about reading. So many books were read by our 18 students-2,398 to be exact! We were in awe of the hard work our students put in. The challenge encompassed days of face-to-face learning, remote learning, and Christmas vacation. Their effort never waned! Winning the Battle of the Books has continued that excitement for reading! As books arrive at school, we get to share this with our students. We cannot wait to use all the informational books we picked out for our upcoming research informational writing unit. Thank you Subaru of Muskegon for this AWESOME gift of books, but also for the AMAZING gift of excitement for reading! We appreciate all that you have done! Thank you from the bottom of our hearts. Sincerely, Rae Bond & Amie Van Amberg Second Grade Teachers Shoreline Elementary School/Whitehall, MI

Whitehall Schools
Love For Reading and Learning Thanks to Subaru

Subaru of Muskegon Celebrates Season of Giving - Maria S

With all the darkness casting a somber shadow over the holiday season, Subaru of Muskegon wanted to bring a little light to their corner of West Michigan. Subaru of Muskegon decided to give back in three ways to the community during the month of December. First, the dealership held a pet food drive and asked the community to donate dog food, cat food, and litter to benefit Pound Buddies of Muskegon and Heaven Can Wait Animal Haven. Pound Buddies of Muskegon is one of Muskegon County’s animal shelters and the areas of the first line of defense in animal rescue. They work closely with Heaven Can Wait Animal Haven. Heaven Can Wait is an all-volunteer, no shelter rescue organization that took on the plight of the homeless cats and kittens. Subaru of Muskegon matched each donation up to $4,000. This is the third year Subaru of Muskegon held its holiday pet food drive. Another initiative the dealership decided to take on was the Christmas wish lists of kids in foster care. Subaru of Muskegon usually selects a children’s charity but the staff wanted to make a more personal connection. Employees were eager to pick a child in Muskegon County’s foster care system and purchase gifts for them. Thirty-three kids in foster care received gifts that were on their list. The numerous presents filled an entire Subaru Ascent. Subaru of Muskegon delivered the gifts to Muskegon County Department of Health and Human Services right in time for Christmas. Lastly, Subaru staffers had heard about a program called #MakeAVetSmile. The campaign hoped to lift the spirits of veterans across the state, including those at our Michigan Veteran Homes in Grand Rapids and Marquette. Members of the homes are unable to receive visitors during the pandemic. The operation was featured on the local news. Subaru of Muskegon’s General Manager, Mike Kaffenberger, loved the idea and was delighted to aid in such a noble cause. The team members each took time to fill out a card. Subaru staff members filled a bag full of Christmas cards and the bag was hand-delivered to the home.

Subaru of Muskegon Celebrates Season of Giving

#SubaruSelfies Take Over Finish Line Photos - Kevin C

Over the past few years, Subaru of Muskegon has been essential in the growth of our race. Their commitment to The Brainy Day Fund and our quest to bring more awareness of hydrocephalus has exceeded any of our expectations. Even more than just helping us out, we’ve made them a part of the runner’s experience with the race – and it’s been awesome! Looking to 2021 and our 15th year hosting the Brainy Day Trail Run and we’re super excited to be partnering with Subaru of Muskegon.

The Brainy Day Fund
#SubaruSelfies Take Over Finish Line Photos

Underdog Arya Finds a Home - Lana C

Subaru of Muskegon truly was able to #MakeADogsDay when it came to shelter pup, Arya. Arya was described as the sweetest dog ever but sadly needed expensive dental work. Pound Buddies struggled with what to do with such an awesome dog but they did not have the funds needed for her dental work. With their superhero capes on, Subaru of Muskegon, Subaru of America, and the ASPCA came to the rescue. Pound Buddies received a grant from the joint effort of these entities that allowed Pound Buddies to shift funds around and get Arya’s teeth fixed. Not only was Arya able to get adopted with all her health issues solved, but Subaru of Muskegon also covered her adoption fee. This isn’t the first adoption covered by Subaru of Muskegon. Between Pound Buddies and Heaven Can Wait Animal Haven, they have covered the adoption fee of over 25 cats and dogs. Dogs like Arya now have a chance to find great homes thanks in part to Subaru of America and Subaru of Muskegon.

Pound Buddies of Muskegon
Underdog Arya Finds a Home

Shoreline Stix Youth Baseball Tournament - Steve L

The Shoreline Stix hosted their first ever tournament this past fall, and Subaru of Muskegon played a huge part in making the event not only happen but be a huge success. There were teams from all over the West Michigan Area to be part of this tournament and all teams and their fans were able to experience good quality baseball, well maintained fields, and food and drink from concessions thanks to the donation from Subaru of Muskegon. We were able to decorate up the facility with banners along the fences as well have a large Subaru of Muskegon Canopy tent available for use on the field to take photos of the championship teams. Subaru of Muskegon also provided the Championship Teams from each division with Championship Rings which was a classy move and a well-deserved gift for the kids that they will never forget. We as the Shoreline Stix organization, players, parents, and fans want to thank Subaru of Muskegon for making this an amazing experience.

Shoreline Stix
Shoreline Stix Youth Baseball Tournament

Subaru of Muskegon - Above and Beyond! - Alison U

The month of October, Subaru has been incredibly generous with our organization, Pound Buddies. Let us count the ways: First, they donated $100 for every pet adopted in October and we reached over 30 families! Second, they helped out with our Trunk or Treat photo shoot with our adorable pets in costume to help promote October adoptions. Third, together as companies, we hosted a successful Facebook Live event at our facility which they participated in called Fall In Love at Pound Buddies. Fourth...yes, there's more! Fourth, they truly did "Make A Dog's Day" (Arya) one of our sweet pups with donating a life-saving dental surgery to help get her adopted and healthy! And lastly, their pet food drive. With their social media efforts, they were able to donate $1,000 in pet food to Pound Buddies too! Subaru is so important to us as a community, a shelter, and a team. We can never fully express our gratitude and feel your passion towards homeless pets as much as our own organization. Thank you to Maria, Megan, Scott and the whole crew at Subaru of Muskegon for your awareness and generosity.

Pound Buddies
Subaru of Muskegon - Above and Beyond!

Helping Keep Mouths Fed at Harbor Humane! - Allyson H

Harbor Humane Society was lucky enough to benefit from Subaru's #MakeADogsDay this year! It is so cool to see such a large company like Subaru truly make a boots-on-the-ground effort to give back to their communities. Subaru donated (and personally delivered) $1,000 worth of dog food to help feed the 80 dogs that are currently at our shelter. We're a nonprofit organization that relies on food donations in order to feed ALL our animals (cats, small animals too!), so to have a mass donation like this gives us peace of mind that we won't run low on food for our dogs! Thank you for your advocacy of shelter pets and generosity, Subaru of Muskegon!

Harbor Humane Society
Helping Keep Mouths Fed at Harbor Humane!

Kitten Thrown from Vehicle Finds Forever Home - Diane V

Every day pets are discarded like trash. Sometimes, they are thrown from moving vehicles. Sadly, rescues see this all the time. A little grey and white kitten was seen being thrown from a car by caring individuals who happen to be Subaru customers. They immediately jumped out of their vehicle to rescue this kitten. The kitten named Suba for the car these amazing individuals were driving found its way to Heaven Can Wait Animal Haven. The kitten was immediately seen by a vet and recovered in a loving foster home. Heaven Can Wait is a non-shelter all volunteer based rescue. Adoption events are held at Petco and Pet Supplies Plus. HCW is a proud partner of Subaru of Muskegon. When Subaru of Muskegon heard about the kitten's plight they immediately wanted to sponsor this kitten's adoption. SOM should be proud to have helped this kitten find its home after having to endure such a horrendous start in life. This is just one of the many adoptions that have been sponsored by Subaru of Muskegon. Whether its pet adoptions or pet food drives, we are so lucky to have Subaru of Muskegon as a partner in our rescue journey. With the shutdown of spay and neuter clinics during the height of Covid-19, the kitten population has exploded. Subaru of Muskegon's support allows us to continue the work we do in the community. There are no words to express how grateful we are to this amazing dealership.

Heaven Can Wait Animal Haven
Kitten Thrown from Vehicle Finds Forever Home

Subaru of Muskegon Staff & Customers Rescue Kitten - Maria S

Subaru of Muskegon customers, Ric and Rebecca were on their way in to pick up their new car when they spotted a kitten on the side of the road. They stopped, grabbed the kitten, and brought the kitten into the dealership. Sales Team members, Katie Brown and Timera Crosby immediately offered to help. The kitten was exhausted and bleeding. They reached out to a co-worker who is a volunteer with Heaven Can Wait Rescue. Subaru of Muskegon regularly sponsors adoptions and pet food drives for HCW. HCW Director, Diane Valk, was contacted and put a 911 call out to volunteers. Heaven Can Wait has been inundated with calls for help with rescues. Despite having a busy day of sales and deliveries, Timera and Katie cared for the kitten. Timera even took the kitten home until a foster could be found. Within 24 hours, the kitten Timera and Katie named August made its way to a veteran foster. Thanks to their efforts and the kindness of our Subaru customers, August will receive the care he needs and be put up for adoption. Rescue takes everyone. Rescue one till there´s none.

Subaru of Muskegon Staff & Customers Rescue Kitten

Rex: A Survivor's Story - Diane V

Rex was found on the side of the road with both of his back legs broken. Heaven Can Wait Rescue ran to see how they could help, if they could help. He had surgery and had to have pins put in so he could heal. He was one of the lucky kittens. There are thousands that aren't so lucky that don't make their way to great rescues like HCW. He was equally lucky to have been sponsored by Subaru of Muskegon. SOM has partnered with Heaven Can Wait to sponsor several pet adoptions including Rex's. Rex's adoption even more special because of the stigma against black cats as well as adopting a cat that suffered severe injuries. Rex was nursed back to health and found his way to a furever home thanks to Subaru of Muskegon.

Heaven Can Wait
Rex: A Survivor's Story